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At OhioMeansJobs- Wood County, employers can find assistance to help attract new talent, retain current employees, and advance their workforce. All of our services are FREE, and here are just some of the ways we can help:

  • Training cost reimbursement for new employees
  • Training assistance for your current employees, thereby averting layoffs and increasing employee productivity and growth of the company
  • Posting of job openings to and in our resource room
  • Access to a large pool of candidate resumes to attract new talent
  • Meeting rooms to recruit, take applications, interview, or any other needs you may have
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Hosting of on-site targeted job fairs and recruitment events
  • If closing or downsizing is inevitable, we offer on-site informational sessions to review unemployment services, re-employment strategies, re-training opportunities, and job search assistance

We would love to speak to you more about the services we offer. Please contact us at (419) 352-4172 or via our social media sites; Twitter: @omjwoodcounty Facebook: /omjwoodcounty or /goodjobswc