At OhioMeansJobs – Wood County, we pride ourselves in providing opportunities for local businesses to thrive. We can assist in your job recruitment efforts via in-person and virtual job fairs. We can also help develop your talent pipeline by way of pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship opportunities, offer training opportunities for new employees, and enhance the skills of your current employees to avoid layoffs.  If there comes a time when layoffs do become necessary, we are there to help you support your employees during that transition as well. Our Rapid Response services are designed to coordinate service providers in order to offer support while seeking new employment as well as address questions and concerns regarding the process for filing Unemployment. Just fill out the contact information above for more details about any of our services!

What We Do For You

  • Provide access to a large pool of candidate resumes to attract new talent

  • Pre-employment screening

  • Hold job fairs and recruitment events

  • Partial reimbursement for training employees

Employer Testimonials

OhioMeansJobs, and in particular On the Job Training program, is extremely valuable for my company, Formlabs Ohio dba Spectra Photopolymers. Due to this program we are able to hire some personnel which needs training and mentoring while already performing production and packaging functions in our facility. This also allows us to evaluate the employees we onboard. As our facility increases its reliance on automation and uses less manual labor, the knowledge and training of the machines workers use is even more imperative. On the Job Training program allows us to do exactly that. Wood County people administering the program, Mary Dewitt and Kathy Costic, have been exceptional to work with.

Over the past 10-15 years, Rosenboom has worked with Job & Family Services, in particular, Mary DeWitt, in acquiring training dollars from the State of Ohio for On-The-Job and Incumbent Training Grants.  Rosenboom has received many thousands of dollars to help pay for the training of our new and incumbent training helping to make our training program  a success for these employees.  I would highly recommend any company that is anticipating training for their employees, whether new or current, to contact Mary and start an application.

On the Job Training has helped our business by allowing us to hire and train great candidates for the positions we are looking to fill! We have been able to really focus our energy and time into training new staff hired through On the Job Training because it gives us the ability to prolong our side by side training without being such a burden financially. Newly hired employees receive specialized training because we are able to afford the best training courses and certificates for them with the help of the On the Job Training grant.

We are thankful to Ohio Means Jobs (OMJ) Wood County for their partnership in keeping Ohioans employed. The classes they provide make applicants stand out when interviewing, and their job fairs bring diverse and ready to work applicants to our organization. We appreciate the great number of services they provide to help the community, our business, and people seeking employment.

Sara Lancaster

Lead Recruiter, Principle Business Enterprises, Inc.

The OhioMeansJobs (On-The-Job-Training Program) has allowed InTech to hire several candidates and provide them additional training to get them up to our standards faster.  The additional training has also allowed us to get our system engineers out in the field sooner to assist our clients more efficiently.  The OMJ Wood County team is great to work with and made the process very easy.