The Wood County Department of Job and Family Services is committed to identifying and eliminating fraud. The State of Ohio spends millions of tax dollars each year on Public Assistance, Child Care, Transportation, Medical Coverage, Education, and Training Programs. The law limits the funding for these programs, so Ohio must spend its money wisely. Ohio cannot afford to give benefits to people who lie or hide information. Every dollar stolen cheats the people who need help the most.

Recent laws have greatly increased the penalties for those who hide information or lie to get public assistance. If you are convicted of, or admit to, a violation of these laws:

You may be sent to prison for up to 20 years and fined up to $250,000, depending upon the amount of benefits involved.

You may have to pay back benefits you were not eligible to receive.

The first time you break the rules on purpose, you will not be able to get food assistance for one year. Your family will not get public assistance until the over-payment is repaid. The penalties for the food assistance program double the second time you break the rules. The third time you break the rules, you can never again get food assistance. During the penalty periods, you cannot get food assistance or welfare in another state.

Always Tell the Whole Truth!

Tell our agency about your situation. Tell your caseworker when you are living with someone else, even if they do not want help. Tell your caseworker if you get help from relatives or friends. Tell your caseworker if someone else is paying your bills. Tell your caseworker when and why a job ends, even if it ends before you have worked there for ten days. Tell your caseworker how much rent you pay. Do not report more rent or utilities than you pay.

Always Report Changes within 10 Days!

Report a job when you start it. Don’t wait until after your first pay or until your next reapplication. Don’t wait to see if the job works out. Don’t wait to see if you will stay on the job. Report pay raises. Report changes in the number of hours you work. This includes if you change from part-time to full-time or if your part-time hours change. Report when a person moves into or out of your home.

Report Public Assistance Fraud

Do you know of someone committing public assistance fraud in Ohio? We want to hear from you! Help us catch those who are taking advantage of Ohio’s programs that assist needy Ohioans.

If you wish to report fraud being committed by a medical provider, call 614-466-0722, or visit the Ohio Attorney General’s Office Medicaid Fraud page.

If you suspect or have knowledge of fraud being committed in Ohio, you can make an anonymous report in one of the following ways. The information you supply will be kept in strict confidence.


Contact the Wood County Department of Job and Family Services

Call 419-352-7566 and ask for Investigations

FAX 419-353-6091



Submit online:

Write: Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Office of Research, Assessment & Accountability Bureau of Program Integrity Fraud Control Section 30 E. Broad Street, 31st Floor Columbus, Ohio 43215-3414

Call: 614-728-7741 or 1-800-627-8133

FAX: 614-728-7740

NOTE: Because of confidentiality laws, we are not able to inform or respond to you about the income or specifics of a case, but you may be assured that all reports are investigated. We appreciate your assistance in helping to stop abuse of Ohio’s public assistance programs.