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Important Notice: The statewide eligibility systems at the Job and Family Service agencies will be unavailable on August 23rd, 24th and 27th for system updates. Our agency in Wood County will be open, but we will be very limited in our ability to research information and will be unable to issue any public assistance benefits. We will still accept applications and will process them as soon as possible, but there could be a delay during this time. Please plan accordingly when making plans to call for interviews, or to request services and information from our agency. Thank you.

State Hearings

State hearings are available for customers who do not agree with decisions made about their cash assistance, food assistance, or other social services.

A state hearing is a meeting with the customer, staff from our agency and a hearing officer from ODJFS. At the hearing, the staff person from our agency will explain the action it has taken or wants to take on the customer’s case. Customers can explain why they disagree with that action. Friends, witnesses, and attorneys can help customers present their cases. The hearing officer will listen to both sides, and after reviewing the rules, make a decision.

To learn more about state hearings, go to or view the publication Your Rights (JFS #08000).

You may request a state hearing by calling 1-866-635-3748 and choose option 1.